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  •  More connection and passion with your Husband
  •  To be more Present with your Children
  •  A better understanding of Who you Are, and what Gifts and Talents you have to offer the world
  •  Clarity of what you want with your Business and Work Life
  •  To learn the best way to start your day in Power, and have Energy for days 
  •  Practical steps to learn how to Get What you Want in the next 90 days 
  •  Mindset tools that will help you See Lessons and Gifts in the Sh*t
  •  The straight up TRUTH from a Powerful Mindset Coach
  •  To be part of a REAL Sisterhood of Women who want More in all areas of their Life
  •  To be a part of a Community of Women who want to create a Legacy with their Life
What Women are Raving about in The Sisterhood
 I decided to join the sisterhood after Karen reached out to me for several reasons. I have been through some serious painful shit in the last year and I just know that being surrounded, even virtually, by women who are powerful and like-minded is exactly what I need. I am looking forward to being a part of this group and being supported with honest feedback. - Sister A.
 I joined the sisterhood to be around women that wanted to be living the lives we really want to lead and fed up with the BS excuses we tell ourselves. At present I'm fighting breast cancer and I have mastectomy surgery and reconstruction booked in for this weekend. I will beat this no fucking doubt but I don't want to have this be my only story as I want so much more than just this chapter in my life. -Sister N.
 I want my health back, along with the vitality and energy. Knowing I'm not alone helps me so much. I don't have any real friends close to me and I don't really talk about my weight struggles. My relationship is slowly dying and I want to be able to love myself! Having someone push me and not give up on me means everything. I've already been supported and I'm ready to kick my own ass and beat this food addiction once and for all. I look forward to getting to know all of you with Karen's help. I'm fucking ready! - Sister W.
 I always take away something from Dr. Karen's podcasts and I know I need to make the commitment because I am extremely unhappy with my life right now. Change is long overdue. I've spent the last 13 years home with my kids and that has been rewarding but I'm ready to invest in myself and branch out. Been married nearly 20 years and we've been through some shit but we want it to work for the long haul. I need the tools to create change in my life! - Sister C.
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